Marine Le Pen Accused of Conflict of Interests in European Parliament

Marine Le Pen. Photo:

Marine Le Pen.

The leader of the far-right group Front National (FN) has become embroiled in a scandal over the hiring of her boyfriend as an assistant in the European Parliament. Louis Aliot, the deputy leader of the FN and long-time boyfriend of Marine Le Pen, is thought to have received 5,000 Euros a month from the European Union in return for 17.5 hours work per week.

According to Mediapart, the European Union sought explanation of the arrangement in July 2012, as the Code of Conduct for Ministers of the European Parliament clearly states that a contract cannot be entered into with a full-time partner.

However, Le Pen has countered that any issues the European Union had in 2012, must now be satisfied, as there have been no official proceedings against her.

In an official statement on its website, the FN claimed this was not a conflict of interest, dismissing the claims as “slanderous but not too astounding.”

The accusations fall at a difficult time for Le Pen personally, after the European Parliament revoked her immunity opening the way to hate speech prosecution in a move that could seriously harm her leadership of the group.

Aliot has taken to Twitter to announce his intention to sue Mediapart for “defamation,” calling the story “slanderous.”

Accusations of Le Pen manipulating rules in order to gain financially from the European project will prove even more embarrassing considering the FN’s opposition to the European Union, referring to it as “an instrument in the service of an ultra-liberal global ideology.”

The scandal also provoked a large amount of criticism of Le Pen as a “hypocrite” and a “cheat” on social media such as Twitter, as users reacted to the allegations.

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