Humor and Politics

Gérard Longuet Photo:

Gérard Longuet

It is a tradition. Every year, the Press Club hands out its famous Humor & Politics Awards, recognizing the funniest declaration by French politicians. Here are this year’s awards and an occasion for us to come back to a few of the political events that made the year:

–       Encouragement Award for PS deputy Jean-Jacques Urvoas for “I went to the Baumettes [a famous Marseille prison], but I got out, contrary to Marseille’s socialists,” in reference to the multiple affairs that touched the PS officials in the southern city.

–       Internet Award for PS regional councilor Jean-Luc Romero for “A gay who votes in favor of the Right is like a turkey who would vote in favor of Christmas,” in reference to the right-wing mobilization against the legalization of same-sex marriage and adoption.

–       Encouragement Award for PS Health Minister Marisol Touraine for “There are even some medications that cure,” in reference to the several health scandals revealed over the year.

–       Jury Award for UMP President Jean-François Copé for “In the UMP we are learning democracy, that’s new,” in reference to the disaster of the first UMP Presidency election.

And finally, the Great Prize to UMP senator for this sentence: “Hollande supports marriage for everybody… but himself,” in reference to the debate over the same-sex marriage and how the French President has never been married, despite having had four children with his previous partner Ségolène Royal.


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