McDonald’s to Invest Large Sum in France

Photo: brown

Photo: brown

In spite of the clear culinary divergence between elegant French cuisine and the humble American hamburger, fast food giant, McDonald’s, announced on April 15 its plan to invest 200 million euros (261.24 million dollars) in the French market for 2013.

Jean-Pierre Petit, the French CEO of the company, stated that the investment would be spent building both new restaurants and renovating existing ones.  140 million euros would be dedicated to construction, while the remaining 60 million euros would go to upkeep and renovation.

Petit projected that the investment would help stimulate France’s falling employment rates.  3,000 new workers will be hired as part of the deal.

“Taking into account the turnover, this represents more than 40,000 recruitments, which makes us the leading recruiter in France,” Petit said in a statement to reporters.

After an increase of over .3 billion euros from 2010 to 2011, McDonald’s decision to finance an even larger market in France is a vote of confidence for the French franchise.

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