Sarkozy Keeps Return to Politics as Option

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the World Economic Forum in 2011Photo: World Economic Forum/

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the World Economic Forum in 2011
Photo: World Economic Forum/

Ten months after his decision not to involve himself  in French politics anymore, former president Nicolas Sarkozy announced that his return in politics could in fact be a possibility.

This announcement happened at the same time former Prime Minister François Fillon announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential UMP primary. However, Sarkozy presented his decision a “duty” as opposed to a choice. “I will have to go back. Not from desire. But from duty. Only because it is France,” he said on March 7 in the magazine Valeurs Actuelles. 

Although Sarkozy declared that there is no idea of revenge, political oppositions between the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) and the current majority Parti Socialiste (PS) are still deeply rooted. “What revenge would it be?” he asked.

Nevertheless Sarkozy’s recent declaration has been enough to arise those who were nostalgic of his presidency. It has lead to various declarations from prominent members of the UMP, who were extremely cautious, asserting that this return is a “possible” one.

Despite his previous claim that he would give up politics, Sarkozy has never really given it up, and this new statement is evidence of it. Furthermore it cannot be forgotten that the UMP is in a very precarious situation: following complications in the November elections, the party is still without a leader. As Fillon wisely said the most important thing is “to have a political project,” but that looks difficult to achieve because of the internal divisions the party is still facing.


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