LJP Live Blog: American Election Results and Global Reactions

La Jeune Politique’s transatlantic team gives us a special perspective on tonight’s election. We will be running a live blog as the results from the US election come in, and we’ll also be covering international responses. Also, check out our Twitter @ljpolitique.

Some states, including the battleground state of Virginia, are closing their polls at 7 p.m. EST.

A group of Americans gathered in Harry’s bar in Paris and held a mock vote. The result was

Polls in Illinois will close at 8 p.m. EST

8:13 EST. Many first time voters in Philadelphia forced to vote using provisional ballots.

9:19 EST. Polls in Florida still open because many people remain in line waiting to vote. #stayinline is trending on Twitter. The outcome of this swing state might be determined by how long people decide to wait.

9:34 EST. CNN called that Obama wins Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

9:51 EST. CNN projects Joe Donnelly (D) defeats Richard Mourdock (R) for US Senate seat in Indiana.

9:57 EST. Florida, Ohio, and Virginia remain very close as the votes come in.

9:58 EST. CNN projects Elizabeth Warren (D) defeats Scott Brown (R) for the US Senate seat in Massachusetts.

10:00 EST. Polls close in Iowa, Montana, Nevada.

10:04 EST. CNN projects Obama will win New Hampshire and its 4 electoral votes.

10:06 EST. CNN projects Romney wins Utah. Current projections: Romney-158, Obama-143.

10:11 EST. Claire McCaskill defats Todd Akin for the Missouri Senate seat.

Obama wins Minnesota.

10:28 EST. Updated Projections: Obama-147, Romney-158.

10:29 EST. Many French companies reveal themselves to be in favor of a Romney victory.

10:32 EST. Two French TV channels are broadcasting the US election tonight.

10:33 EST. Some French supporters say that “Romney is not the monster the media described.”

10:34 EST. French strategist Jacques Attali says, “whoever wins, America will need to make structural budget reductions.”

10:36 EST. At 4:36 French time, Le Monde’s website asks its readers if they are tired yet.

10:42 EST. Atmosphere at Romney Headquarters is “very tense” according to a CNN source.

10:44 EST. All eyes on Florida. Obama narrowly leading with 88% of the votes in.

10:49 EST. In Ohio, networks watching results in Hamilton County, which usually votes Republican. In 2008, it went for Obama. Obama currently leading in that county.

10:55 EST. Polls to close at 11 p.m. EST on the west coast of the US.

11:00 EST. CNN projects Obama to win California, Hawaii, and Washington. Oregon too close to call.

11:02 EST. CNN projects Romney wins North Carolina, Obama wins Wisconsin.

Updated projections: Obama-238, Romney-191.

11:05 EST. CNN projects Democrats will keep control of the US Senate. Currently 42 Republican seats and 48 Democratic seats (51 needed to have a majority).

11:09 EST. CNN projects Obama to win Iowa and New Mexico.

11:15 EST. CNN projects Obama to win Oregon and Ohio.

11:18 EST. Obama predicted to be re-elected as President of the United States.

12:55 am EST, November 7.
Boston, MA.
Mitt Romney concedes and calls President Obama to congratulate him on his victory. He says that “besides my wife Ann, Paul is the best choice I have ever made.” He also thanked Matt Rhoades for the campaign he led.

1:35 am EST. Chicago, Illinois.
Barack Obama spoke to supporters in his hometown and told them that for America, “the best is yet to come.”
He said that “whether you held an Obama sign or a Romney sign, you made your voice heard and you made a difference.”
He congratulated “the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics.”
Talking about our political system, he said, “these arguments we have are a mark of our liberty.”
He said that America was founded on the principle of self-government, and that the duties of citizens do not end with their votes.

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