A Deeper Look at the PS Congress

Leonardo Domenici, Hannes Swoboda, and Harlem Desir in Italy.
Photo: Flickr.com/ Leonardo Domenici

On October 27, at the opening of the congress of the Parti Socialiste (PS) in Toulouse, Martine Aubry stepped down as the First Secretary of the PS. Before leaving the party she said, “ I am proud and happy to have a united socialist party so that our government succeeds.” Harlem Désir succeeded Martine Aubry, and her last words of wisdom were, “we must work on the issues of tomorrow,” placing a large responsibility on her successor. A lot of work seems to lie ahead for Désir, with various questions arising within the committees including the right to vote for foreigners and gay marriage. We all wonder how Désir’s PS will tackle these various issues.

During the closing ceremony of the congress on the October 28, Harlem Désir took the stage.  He stated, “the left must…remain firm on its values.” Journalist Florent Guignard described his speech as “offensive, pugnacious, which awakened a rather dull convention.” In his speech, Harlem Désir established his vision for the party and country when socialists are in power. Throughout his speech, Désir received several standing ovations, proving that he is up to the task and has support.

Désir also seemed to establish his antagonism toward the right, stating under the cheers of the crowd that their only project is to worsen “le sarkozysme” and continued on to say that “we will not let the right, who does not seem to have learned anything from its defeat, teach us lessons.” The Secretary of the PS also demonstrated his support for Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, stating that “he has the support of PS activist,” and that the reason the right targets him is because “he is an honest man” which is the reason “we support you.” After this statement Désir, received another standing ovation in honor of the Prime Minister.

This congress marks the start of a new era in the Socialist Party, raising the question of what will come next.

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