Mélenchon Publicly Criticizes Hollande

Arnaud Montebourg and Jean Luc Mélenchon. Photo: LeLab-Europe1

After three months of silence and a long stay in Venezuela at the invitation of Hugo Chavez, the President of the Parti de Gauche (PG) and former presidential candidate Jean Luc Mélenchon made his thunderous political comeback earlier this week in the Journal du Dimanche.

Regarding the first 100 days of Hollande: “100 days for almost nothing,” he responded before continuing, ”Hollande defused the insurrectionary content of the vote from the presidential election. He diluted it in the sand beaches of the Var.” He was making reference to the beach where the President spends his summer vacations.

Mélenchon is searching for his place at the head of the Front de Gauche and affirmed that he is not a puppet. Hollande would only be a “social liberal like those that have led to the disasters in Greece, Spain and Portugal.”

For him, Hollande is not doing enough to address the largest tasks left over by Sarkozy. Mélenchon was surprised that the only emergency measures taken by the government have been the law correcting the budget and the text on sexual harassment.

“Why have we not passed stock-market law? And a banking law? It is necessary to note that we have a strong relationship with finance. That’s why we beat Sarkozy!” he exclaimed before concluding succinctly, “We need to work now! The continuous procrastination has left free hands for finance! Enough delay!”

About the Roma camp controversy, Mélenchon was even more severe, “What is the difference between a camp disbanded because of the orders of a right-wing minister and a camp disbanded from a left wing minister?”

This output from the leader of the Front de Gauche forced the government to react. Arnaud Montebourg responded, “we cannot change the country in 100 days, it is in at least 5 years because the term is 5 years long.”

Montebourg believes that “many things have been done, but it is not fair to be unjust.” He also asked everyone on the Left to unite to bring about France’s recovery, “We need to stick together in the face of the current difficulty and adversity to successfully change things. That concerns everyone, Right and Left, and all French people.”

French Health Minister, Marisol Tourraine, emphasized that “100 days would not be enough to erase the actions of the one who unraveled France.”

When asked about these remarks on the radio station France Inter, Mélenchon did not play the game of adversaries with the Left, “the opposition is the Right, we, we are independent.”

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