Sarkozy Re-Enters Politics, Calling for International Intervention in Syria

Photo: Foreign Policy

Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France, re-emerged on the political scene today. News agencies are reporting that the former President had an in-depth phone conversation with Abdel Basset Sayda, the President of the Syrian National Council.  According to France Info, who reported on the call first, the two men talked about “the gravity of the crisis” in Syria, and the “necessity of rapid action from the international community.”

The Syrian National Council is the principle coalition opposing the Bashar al-Assad regime.

After losing the presidency in May to François Hollande, Sarkozy claimed that he was exiting the political sphere. Since the election, the former President has been relatively quiet, and has not been prominent in the media. However, this seems to indicate that Sarkozy will not be taking a back-seat in French politics after all.

Some are claiming that it makes sense that Sarkozy makes his re-appearance on the issue of Syria as his foreign policy decisions were consistently more popular than his domestic agenda. Many, in France and around the globe, congratulated him on how he handled Libya, and Sarkozy was indeed involved in the beginning of the Syria situation at the beginning while he was still President.

In recent days, there have been criticisms in France regarding how Hollande has handled the Syria crisis including from Bernard-Henri Lévy, French intellectual and considered one of the “nouveaux philosophes.”

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