When the Devil files a complaint against the Virgin

Marine Le Pen does not like being associated with the dark hour of history and once again, she has made it known. The Front National (FN) announced on Sunday its intent to file a complaint against the singer, Madonna, following the broadcast of a video clip during her concert in Paris, which shows the President of FN marked with a swastika.

Saturday night in a French arena, the queen of pop sang her song Nobody Knows Me along with a video containing Benoit XVI, Hosni Moubarkak and Marine le Pen, followed by a face resembling Adolf Hitler.

“We can not accept everything. We cannot accept this infamous connection. Marine Le Pen defends her own honor, but also the honor of members, supporters and millions of FN voters,” justified Florian Philippot, Vice President of the FN, the extreme-right party in France. LiveNation, who organized the concert, did not respond.

This is not the first time Madonna has attacked Marine Le Pen. In May at a concert in Tel Aviv, a portrait of the President of FN decked out with a mustache and a swastika provoked the wrath of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the party, and his daughter.

He even said, “I take this affair very badly … We are going to ask Madonna, or at least ask those who organized the international show, for a million dollars. And that is not a lot to pay for this defamation in the service of cultural commercialism. ”

As for Marine Le Pen, she had warned the star that if she acted similarly in France, “we will lie in wait” before categorizing Madonna as one of those “old singers who need to make people talk about them, we understand that they have gone to such extremes. ”

Well known for provocations, Madonna is also known in France for throwing her underwear into the crowd at a concert attended by Jacques Chirac, then Prime Minister. In 2006, she also attacked Jean-Marie Le Pen, accompanying her song Girl Gone Wild with the face of Jean-Marie Le Pen alongside Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein or Silvio Berlusconi.

Was this a political denunciation or an artificial controversy to fuel the buzz for albumn sales? Nobody knows, but Madonna has not feared the FN in the past. While her MDNA Tour will end in 2013 after more than 80 shows, this issue will be left to the French courts to decide.

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