Update: Small Changes for the Government of Jean Marc Ayrault

As expected after the legislative elections, the Élysée has announced a slight reorganization of the government this week. Four new people were added:

Anne Marie Escoffier was named Minister of Decentralization. She was until now a senator belonging to the radical left party in Aveyron, a small rural department. Her nomination allows for the opening of the government to radical allies of the Parti Socialist (PS), the central left.

Thierry Repentin was named Minister of Professional Formation and Training. A PS senator from Savoie, he was in charge of city politics for François Hollande’s campaign team.

Guillaume Garot, associate of Ségolène Royal, will take over the post of Minister of Food Production.

Hélène Conway became Minister of the French abroad. She has already represented this group as a senator, and has lived for a long time abroad.

Three other adjustments have also been announced. Delphine Batho, until now the Minister of Justice, became Minister of Ecology. She did not often agree with her superior, Christiane Taubira. Benoit Hamon, Minister of Social Economy and Solidarity, will be the Ministry of Consumption. Finally, Stephan Le Foll, previously the Minister of Agriculture, has been moved to the position of Forest Management.

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