François Hollande Officially Inaugurated; Nominates Ayrault for PM

Hollande speaks about education in the Tuileries. Photo by Olga Symeonoglou

PARIS – Despite the Paris rain, a large crowd of all ages gathered at Tuileries Palace to hear François Hollande deliver his first speech at the President of France.

He chose to focus on education, saying that the public school system is “the spirit of the Republic” and that he wanted to dedicate his first words as President to school teachers, researchers, and other members of the education community.

Hollande delivered the speech in front of the statue of Jules Ferry, the late 19th century government official who is responsible for the institution of free, obligatory public education in France. “All of the children of France have the right to study,” said Hollande. He re-stated his commitment to recruiting 60,000 education personnel during his next 5 years as President.

François Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler in Tuileries Gardens. Photo by Rebecca Townsend

At 10am Paris local time, the power of the Presidency was handed over to Hollande by now former President Nicolas Sarkozy in a ceremony at the Palace Elysée.

Later this afternoon, around 5pm, the Secretary-General of the Elysée, Pierre-René Lemas announced that Jean-Marc Ayrault would be the President’s nominee for Prime Minister. Ayrault is currently the mayor of Nantes, the sixth largest city in France, located near the Western coast on the Loire River.

Contributing Reporting by Olga Symeonoglou


  1. John Groh says:

    Excellent, timely story! And great photos!

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