Ségolène Royal Announces Intentions to Run for President of the National Assembly

Ségolène Royal. (photo Fred Dufour. AFP)

Segolene Royal, 2007 Parti Socialiste candidate for President, announced her intentions to run for the President of the National Assembly on Saturday. Royal is currently the President of the Poitou-Charentes branch of the Parti Socialiste and she is running to represent the first district of La Charente-Maritime on the Atlantic  coast of France.

Royal ran in 2007 Presidential Election, making it to the second round of elections where she was ultimately defeated by current President Nicolas Sarkozy. Royal is also the former partner of President-elect Francois Hollande. The two were never married but have four children.

Royal has made it clear that if she were to win the post, her commitment to her own consitutents would not suffer. “It is not a handicap vis-à-vis the electors, to be a candidate for the President of the National Assembly” said Royal.

Royal must first win 12.5% of the registered voters in her district in order to qualify for the second round of elections.  She is running against Olivier Falorni who holds the position of first-secretary of the same PS branch.

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