François Hollande: 51.70%

Hollande supporters march to the Bastille. Photo by Nathan Ratapu

PARIS – After one of the most heated and aggressive elections in recent history, Parti Socialiste candidate François Hollande has won back the Presidency for the left. Hollande will be the first left-wing president since 1995. The final results as reported by the Ministry of the Interior report 51.70% for Hollande, and 48.30% for Nicolas Sarkozy, the first incumbent president not to win reelection in thirty years. Hollande announced victory from the city of Toure at 8pm local time, with major rallies gathering at Palace Royal, Solférino and the Bastille to celebrate his win, before hundreds of thousands of supporters descended upon the Bastille to await the arrival of their new leader. Sarkozy delivered a somber and restrained speech to supporters shortly after the results were announced, stating that he was disappointed but was ready to become “a french man amidst the French” once more.

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